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Violet Chakra Silk Scarf

Wear this Violet Chakra Silk Scarf when you aspire to a higher state of consciousness. This scarf will help you to connect to the inspirational universal energies.

As light hits the color you wear the colored fabric acts as a filter, energizing your body with its color healing rays. Use a chakra scarf around your person and instantly create the "right" color energy to enhance your chakra's mood and energy level.

The natural silk in combination with the color can help in attaining that chakra
The silk scarves are 8X54 inches.

Price: $33.95 $29.95 each Add to Cart

Chakra Silk Scarves

The historical value and sensual texture of silk has enchanted the world for centuries.

The seven beautiful Chakra Scarves are individually packaged with an informative bookmark inserted in each box. Each piece is one of a kind and is signed by the artist.

Available in the seven main chakra colors.

Tools... To Awaken Your Chakras!

Wear the scarf any way you want, or display in your environment to help maximize your body-spirit potential. The chakra scarves can also be used as part of your meditation alter, aiding in the focus of your intent.


Chakra Tools

Our journey through the chakra system ends with the Crown chakra.

Its Sanskrit name, Sahasrara means "thousandfold." The Crown chakra is depicted as a thousand-petaled lotus flower and it resonates to the color violet.

The Crown chakra governs our spirituality, taking us towards enlightenment, self-realization and the Divine Self. It is the energy center that stimulates our inspiration and knowingness! The violet Crown chakra opens us up to the possibilities of infinity and Divine purpose.

Without power in our Crown we are missing the universal connectedness and without this link we lack the highest human ideals; however, with a strong Crown chakra we are joined to the life thread that links us to heaven!

When we have problems in the area of our pituitary gland, endocrine system, cerebrum, central nervous system or lymphatic system-it generally indicates low Crown chakra energy. Likewise, if we are fanatical, faithless, intolerant, lacking inspiration or experiencing difficulties while trying to quiet our mental mind, it is time to boost our violet energy to give power to our Crown chakra!

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