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Chakra Balancing Kit
This Chakra Balancing Kit consists of 7 vials of carefully considered mixture of pure essential oils blended in bio-dynamic, organically grown vegetable oils. Handy informative fold with room for oil vials.
These seven vials of pure chakra essential oil blends are suitable for self-massage, body perfume, bath fragrance or vaporiser use.

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The Spleen Chakra

Our journey through the chakra system continues to the Spleen chakra, which is also referred to as the Sacral chakra.

Its Sanskrit name, Svadhisthana means "sweetness." The Spleen chakra is depicted as a six-petaled lotus flower and it resonates to the color orange. The Spleen chakra governs our emotional needs and nourishes our soul. It is the energy center that stimulates our creativity and shows us our limitless potential. The orange Spleen chakra is our energy of the present moment and it connects us to living, with confidence, in the "now."

Without power in our Spleen we lack happiness and enthusiasm; however, with a strong Spleen chakra life is positive and fun!

The Spleen chakra governs our lower intestines, kidney, spleen, gall bladder, ovaries, uterus and testes. If we have problems in these areas or with asthma or allergies, it usually means there is a deficiency in the Spleen chakra. Also if one lacks creative influences or feels emotionally repressed or imbalanced, then orange energy is called for.

If you have any of these symptoms, it is time you boost your orange energy to give power to your Spleen chakra!

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