In this section you are offered tools that can help educate you further about the topic of chakras and color.

There are many resources available that offer free information or training regarding the chakra system such as articles or publications at your local library, or classes at nearby holistic centers or metaphysical outlets. Also the World Wide Web contains many Internet sites that offer additional chakra/color information. We also invite you to purchase any of our educational material that we offer on our website.

As there is so much to learn regarding one’s own chakra system, we have chosen books that we feel will help expand your own personal knowledge about your chakra centers. This section includes books for the beginning as well as publications for the more advanced student. This category also contains other great educational tools.

Learn the basics of the chakra system, enhancing the flow of your life force.

Experience inner growth and spiritual enlightenment as you learn to connect with your own energy centers.

Books provide insight as well as offer practical ways to teach the reader how to stimulate their fantastic system of energy wheels! Our goal is to help teach people how they can improve and empower themselves. Enjoy our reading and education selection!