There are many ways we can give back to ourselves… But to give back to ourselves, to truly give back to our body, mind and spirit, we must give 100%.

We must take care of ourselves, like we take car of a car. We keep a car in good condition by washing and cleaning it. We improve its performance by giving it oil changes, wheel alignments, rotating and balancing its tires, boosting its battery, etc. We know that by taking care of our car it will be faithful and take us to destinations with little trouble. We maintain its efficiency and keep it “running” by taking care of it.

Our body is no different–it is our vehicle–it is our physical body that houses our mental mind, emotions and our soul. We need to wash and clean our body, apply oils, do (chakra) wheel alignments, spin our chakra centers, and boost our battery (charge our different chakra centers). By implementing a maintenance program for our body, our body–our vehicle–will be faithful and cause us few problems. This will give us freedom, allowing us to reach our destinations!

The concept of is to provide people with “tools” to help keep their “engine” running. We offer various chakra products that energize your different senses so that you can accomplish giving 100% back to yourself and we do this by stimulating all levels of your mind, body and spirit. We use tools that give energy to your different chakra centers, thereby aiding in giving balance and power to your “whole” being.

With the Body and Bath (B&B) Care Products we focus on bringing energy to your chakras through your senses of touch, sight and smell. In the future we will be expanding our line of B&B Care tools.

Important Notice: Remember that sometimes you are attracted to or repelled by certain colors. Think about why you like certain colors and dislike others. Sometimes it is best to use the energy that makes you feel comfortable but it is equally important for you to use the color energies that you avoid. When we avoid something, we avoid bringing in what we possibly need for balance. For example, maybe you are shy and this causes you to be passed up for promotions or from accomplishing your goals. You dislike the color red and red is connected to your power center, the root chakra. The root chakra’s function is to provide you with power and self-confidence, building up your courage and self-esteem to give you the driving force to complete tasks. There is no point for you to resist this energy if you feel that your life is miserable because you refuse to face up to your life challenges. You have a choice and this choice is solely (“souly”) your choice! Either you do something about changing or you live your life in utter misery. Life is simple if you allow it to be (law of synchronicity). So try our different chakra power tools to help you get what you deserve… because you are the only one that stands in your way of not deserving to live a more complete and happy life! For more information on colors and chakras add the Introduction to Colour Energy Booklet to your shopping cart.