Gemstones vibrate an energy. Quartz crystals are currently used to energize watches and program computer chips. The powers held within gemstones are not something one should take lightly. Gemstones have been used for their healing power throughout time. Amulets made with gemstones were used to heal in ancient civilizations. Today, the power of gemstones are used in many forms of therapy.

The offers a small collection of jewelry that can be worn throughout the day to help align all the chakra centers. Each chakra bracelet and necklace complements any outfit worn because each piece displays several colored stones. Each gemstone has its own unique pattern, as every piece carries its own beauty. No two stones are alike; thereby you will always receive a one of a kind piece.

Each gemstone has a unique crystalline structure, which vibrates at a particular rate, creating its individual properties that balance the energy flow and energy centers of the body.

Root Chakra-Red Tiger’s Eye
Connects us to our physical self, enhancing the body’s health, inner strength, courage and vitality. Red Tiger’s Eye is known for its grounding properties.

Spleen Chakra-Carnelian
Connects us to our emotional self, enriching intimate feelings and relationships. Helps to remove inhibitions, negativity and strengthens our appetite for life!

Solar Plexus Chakra-Citrine
Connects us to our mental self, improving thought clarity, learning, confidence and self-esteem. Helps with mental fatigue, memory and breaking old thought patterns.

Heart Chakra-Aventurine
Connects us to unconditional love bringing harmony, forgiveness, sincerity and compassion. Cleanses and balances our energy, giving a feeling of peace, harmony and renewal.

Throat Chakra-Sodalite
Connects us to the expression of universal truth, reinforcing communication, speech and healing. Ideal for reducing stress and hyperactivity, and helps to ease hormonal problems.

Brow Chakra-Amethyst
Connects us to our unconscious self, heightening our imagination, understanding and intuitiveness. Stimulates dream activity and helps to remove anxieties and fears. Ideal for meditation and enhancing psychic abilities.

Crown Chakra-Quartz Crystal
Connects us to our spiritual self, bringing guidance, wisdom and creativity. Purifies our thoughts and feelings, giving us inspiration. Also ideal for deep meditation and spiritual guidance.