In this section you are offered tools that relate to stimulating your sense of hearing. We have been testing various “sound tools” to ensure that we will be offering you quality and proven products.

Forms of sound therapy are currently used for treatment of illnesses and have been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Recently, it was documented that cats purr to harmonize their energy into balance. Humans are no different. Sound vibrations influence our inner workings and our body’s energy centers to produce a state of balance. Sound waves, although unseen, are vibratory rates of frequency that can move through air or matter. Our body and chakra centers resonate frequencies that correlate to sound waves. If a body part or chakra center is out of balance, it can recognize a sound vibration as being its corresponding frequency. By listening to “pure” sounds, it is believed that any disturbances in the body or chakras will soon resonate to the vibration thus eventually producing the right frequency in the body’s organ(s) or chakra center.

The music we have chosen produces the exact frequencies that your body, mind and spirit need to aid in your quest to balance your body and chakra centers.

It is easy to do and the right musical notes will have your body responding to the sounds produced. Feel the shift within your body dynamics and chakras! Choose from one of our chakra CD’s or specially created Chakra Chimes.

Remember: If you find a music piece that evokes an uncomfortable response, go deep inside yourself and try to find the reason why. Does the music piece bring up unpleasant thoughts, emotions or memories? If so, then you may need work on that energy center to help release any unnecessary programs!