Aura Cleanser 250ml/8oz


In today’s society of energy awareness, it is important to keep one’s personal space clear of any negative entities. Cleansing the area within one’s energy field is as equally important as keeping one’s home or office clean (like personalized Feng Shui).

The Aura Cleanser is a highly effective patterned formula that helps to erase negativity that surrounds us and which can be on many distinct and invisible energy levels.

Aura Cleanser encourages energetic responses from multiple levels of consciousness, clearing any opposing or negative influences.

Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser

Aura Cleanser Essence contains living energies of specialty herbs and oils, charged with the healing power of crystalline structures! Aura Cleanser was specially created to help dispel negativity in areas where it is sprayed. Aura Cleanser is ideal for your working atmosphere and at home, to give you “clean” space. Aura Cleanser can be used very simply by spraying directly above the one’s head or to clear any room… great for therapy treatments and offices.

Spray in air and walk through mist of the Aura Cleanser.

For external use only. Avoid eye area and if epileptic or pregnant, and keep away from children. Information provided does not substitute for professional medical advice and care. Each essence contains ethanol (a cosmetic alcohol) to preserve the memories of the herbs, oils and gem frequencies.