Blue Orogone Throat Chakra Pendulum


Organite pendulums clear the aura of harmful energies and awakens our inborn psychic senses. This awakening frees the pendulum to give insightful, balanced answers. Pendulums use the energies of the owner and therefore should not be handled by others.

Hexagonal Healing Pendulum: This pendulum can be used to detect sensitive spots and find the origin of an ailment. Its hexagonal shape helps to find balance, and facilitates communication and union. Like in the beehive, it is the shape of harmony. Its energy helps restructuring the body cells. Choose the semi-precious stone according to your goal.

Pendulum Power: Pendulums are used for divination and determining the answer to any question the mental mind cannot perceive. Pendulums are said to be an intuitive extension of yourself.

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