Blue Silk Eye Pillow


Luxuriously filled with Lavender Blossoms and Flax seeds.

Lavender is considered a natural antibiotic, anti-depressant and sedative. Silk also being a natural fiber adds to the luxurious feeling when placed on the eyes at the end of the day.

Blue is for communication & truth.

Treat yourself, family and friends to a stress healing eye treatment!

Chakra Silk Eye Pillows

Lavender blossom is known for its versatile benefits specifically for having a calming effect on the psyche. Relax your eyes, sooth your mind and calm your nerves by simply placing this beautiful silk eye pillow over your eyes. The perfectly balanced weight of the flax seeds and the peaceful scent of the lavender will gently relax your eyes, while soothing your psyche and your soul! Use this high quality eye pillow while resting or napping and to relieve any eye strain. Can also be used to enhance meditation.

Lie down and place eye pillow over your eyes. Use warm to help ease headcolds, congested nasal passages and sinus pain. Use chilled to help soothe swollen or puffy eyes, ease tension headaches, and refresh and revive the face. Can also be applied onto the correlating chakra center.

Consult your doctor or Aromatherapist before use if prone to seizures, high/low blood pressure, pregnant or nursing. Do not use with skin sensitivities.