Chakra Zodiak Healing Card


Cinnamon Crow has developed the only divination system of its kind, one that combines the Zodiac and the Chakra systems. Learn the relationship of the planets to the body’s chakras. Crow has created an easy-to-use system appealing to both those who have worked with decks, the chakras, and the Zodiac and those who haven’t.

Beginners will learn the basic functions of the chakras, characteristics

of the Zodiac signs, and the ruling planets and their functions. Those already familiar with these two systems will learn the ruling planets of the chakras and how to channel planetary energies into specific areas for maximum healing and balance.

Working with this oracle will help harness the energy of the planets for all matters of healing – individual and communal, physical and metaphysical. Consists 44 cards with 150 page book.

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