Guardian Angel Essence


Essence roll-on


GUARDIAN ANGEL is a powerful vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the auric protective grid through its influence on all of your subtle bodies. This deeper multidimensional patterning encourages positive energetic response to any intrusive energies. Thus helping to release your consciousness from any negative programmed responses that could be restricting your progress.Strengthens your connection to the higher levels of divinity

(.35oz/10ml bottle)

Guardian Angel Essence

Apply Guardian Angel to the Brow Chakra, base of skull and thymus. if under psychic threat apply to solar plexus and inner wrist as well.

For external use only. Avoid eye area and if epileptic or pregnant, and keep away from children. Information provided does not substitute for professional medical advice and care. Each essence contains ethanol (a cosmetic alcohol) to preserve the memories of the herbs, oils and gem frequencies.